19. May 2018

MV-Tag in Rostock – we attend

From the 19-20th of May we show our Powertrailer at the festival of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania in Rostock. We will be in front or next to the EU-pavilion of the state chancellery in front of the city hall at the new market. We are looking forward to the questions of interested visitors. The exhibited powertrailer is the first one in a line of trailers. We adapted and developed other trailers to special markets and local conditions.
26. April 2018

Day of renewable energies in Greifswald and Neustrelitz – we attend

At the 27th of April we present our Powertrailer, a hybrid system with solar, fuel cell system and battery buffer to interested visitors in Greifswald at the booth of INP and “Stadtwerke Greifswald”. At the 28th of April we use the chance to show our trailer to guest of the LEEA in Neustrelitz.
18. April 2018

Mount Everest – Power supply by new enerday

Together with our partner Furtenbach Adventures we put into operation the first SOFC fuel cell system at the basecamp of the Mount Everest at a height of about 5,300m. Our innovative, environmentally friendly, and quiet power generator supplies power to an infrared cabin of Physiotherm. That allows the mountaineers to warm-up after a tour. The new enerday Powerbox contains an EN400 fuel cell system, a battery buffer, a solar panel and two high-power inverters. Beginning of April, we shipped the box to Kathmandu. A truck carried the equipment directly to the basecamp. The Sherpas were able to unload the box without any tools. With a small detour over Lhasa, Xigaze and Tingri our development engineer Dr. Arne Sommerfeld followed the box. At the 16th of April he put the system into operation and as one of the first he was allowed to use the infrared cabin. The powerbox will supply power until mid of June. Therefore, some more expedition members will be able to use the sauna with a breathtaking panorama. After this project, the box will become a part of our rental fleet at normal locations in Germany and Europe.
22. January 2018

at the visit – the Economic and Social Committee of the Landtag of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

At the 18th of January 2018 members of the Committee of Economic and Social, Health and Work were invited by the International Chamber of Commerce to visit new enerday. At the tour, our CEO Dr. Matthias Boltze explained our products and the fuel cell technology by presenting the production line and one of our powertrailers.
15. January 2018

new enerday – hybrid system for the „Deutsche Bahnbaugruppe“

Together with our market partner, the “Deutsche Bahnbaugruppe” we constructed a hybrid system with fuel cell, solar panels and battery buffer. The system will supply stationary and permanent power where no grid connection is available. In some applications the gas bottles will have to be changed only once a year. Because of the quiet operating, the system can be installed near to residential areas.
15. December 2017

new enerday – on the road in Ireland

Within the framework of our all-inclusive rental business, we are on the road in Ireland too, to change the gas bottles in our Powerboxes. At this application in the wind energy market with a running time of 5 month, we only have to refill the gas in situ only one time. Here our fuel cell systems show again their economy and reliability compared to a diesel generator.
8. December 2017

Level crossing signal system – we supply the power

Together with our partner, the Deutsche Bahnbaugruppe GmbH we installed a powertrailer at a level crossing in Schleswig-Holstein. Our environmentally friendly, quiet and reliable generator powers the level crossing signal system.
22. November 2017

PMR Expo – we exhibit

From the 28th until 30th November we exhibit our technology at the leading European fair of professional mobile radio and control rooms in Cologne. Our plug&play power generators based on a SOFC fuel cell system as our fuel cell system modules will be presented in hall 10.2 at booth F10. We are looking forward to interesting discussions and new contacts.
16. October 2017

New enerday is participating at the „day of open industry“

In the framework of the „day of open industry“ at the 17th of October 2017 new enerday invites to have a look at the factory and the products in the Lindenstraße 51. This event is initiated by the “Industrienetzwerk Neubrandenburg”. People can walk around and gain insight into our portfolio (quiet, environmentally friendly and innovative current generators using logistical fuels).
11. September 2017

HUSUM WindEnergy – we are present

From the 12th tot he 15th of September our partner Enertrag Systemtechnik GmbH exhibits our Powertrailer, under the own brand Gridion-uninterrupted power systems. At the open-air exhibition ground at booth 0F02 our plug & play generator supplies reliable power to the lights of Enertrag, also at North German weather conditions. The colleagues of Enertrag are pleased to answer your questions in hall 5 at booth 5C21.
29. August 2017

City festival Neubrandenburg

Together with our partners of the “Industrienetzwerk Neubrandenburg” we attended at the city festival in Neubrandenburg. Our Powertrailer EN 800 PT supplied the joint stand with environmentally friendly and quietly power. Our mayor Silvio Witt also used the opportunity to get to know our technology.
14. July 2017

First CHP-system put into operation

Together with our partner Primagas we put into operation a CHP-system of the latest generation with integrated heat exchange. The system already produces power for more than 1.200h and supplies the heat into a water cycle. In future, these systems will supply power and heat to leisure homes and houses without connection to the power- and gas grid.
19. May 2017

Solid oxide fuel cell systems for India

With our partner “h2e power Systems” we put into operation our first fuel cell systems in India. They are powered by LPG and are pioneering our newest development, SOFC fuel cell systems powered by biogas. In future, these systems will be producing power for e.g. water pumps at Indian farms.
28. April 2017

First running fuel cell systems in South Africa

Together with our partner HySA Infrastructure we put into operation the first SOFC-fuel cell Systems in South Africa. Our innovative, eco-friendly and quiet power generators will be opening new markets in future with the logistically fuels LPG and natural gas.
31. March 2017

Fuel cell systems for observation cars

New enerday installs EN200 fuel cell systems as power generators in observation cars of a German police department. After winning an official tender we are installing our quiet and vibration-free fuel cell systems in the cars.
19. December 2016

Federal Minister of Transport meets Powertrailer

At the conference regarding results of the NIP (National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Programme) our Powertrailer also persuaded the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. After we explained the functionality and operation purposes to the Minister, he explicitly pointed out our eco-friendly, autarkic and mobile power generator based on our SOFC fuel cell system in the following speech.
4. October 2016

Cooperation in the wind energy market

new enerday closed a cooperation treaty with Enertrag Systemtechnik GmbH for applications in the wind energy market. The new customers business in this market will be done under the brand "Gridion". We are looking forward to the partnership with a reliable and good linked partner.
13. September 2016

WindEnergy Hamburg – the world’s leading trade fair

New enerday exhibits the mobile plug & play power generator at the WindEnergy. Together with our partner “Enertrag Systemtechnik” we are demonstrating the interaction of our environmentally friendly, economical and relaiable power supply with the high tech flying sparks procandela. We are looking forward to your visit at booth 495 in hall B6.