energy for the future


compact and powerful


Efficient power generation with REMOTE 400: utilizing the power of the fuel cell.
  • Best in class stack lifetime
  • Diesel replacement
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust under extreme conditions
  • Quiet operation
  • Convenient remote access
  • Top service
  • Made in Germany

With a continuous power up to 350 watts the Remote 400 fuel cell can deliver electrical energy of maximum 8.4kW/h per day.

For higher energy requirements two or more REMOTE 400 systems can be connected in parallel.

For energy-intensive applications Powertrailer and Powerbox supplying up to 1.200W are available.

We offer simple, clean and reliable solutions for powering off-grid technical infrastructures - in every corner of the world.


Integrated solution – skid and wired


The new enerday-Remote 400 Cabinet consists of an IP54 enclosure made from Aluminium. It has a double-wall roof and twin-wall panels as side walls and doors. All relevant components, operational data logging included, are integrated in the enclosure.
  • Product variants: Natural gas and Propane
  • Load range (average) 170 to 300 W recommended
  • Ambient Temperature from -20 to + 40 °C
  • Weight ~ 500 kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) 1052 mm x 1052 mm x 1451 mm

Our system concept enables efficient and reliable operation for the generation of power using a SOFC (Solid Oxid Fuel Cell) fuel cell generator combined with high quality industrial components.

The configuration enables to power electrical loads in a range of approximately 170 to 300 W average. The integration of batteries ensures a peak load capability up to 600 W for a limited time. The integrated data logger and the IP gateway allow the record of operational data of the fuel cell and the peripheral power supply system.

Continuous off-grid power supply for various applications in the security sector, traffic protection, signaling systems and special telecommunications tasks.

Powertrailer & powerbox

Hybrid AC generator - the green diesel genset alternative


Semi-mobile Power Generator on the Basis of Propane
  • Plug & Play solution with
    remote monitoring
  • Long maintenance &
    refill intervals
  • up to 28 days until refill,
    no oil change, 30 minutes maintenance after
    10,000 operating hours
  • Low emissions
  • <50 dB* Noise at
    1 m distance

Powertrailer and the Powerbox are complete plug & play power supplies for off-grid applications.
The units house a new enerday-Remote 400 propane fuel cell generator, a PV panel, batteries and five gas cylinders with 11 kg of propane each.

Over a period of three weeks, 8 kWh per day can be generated and peak loads of 1.2 kVA can be operated for 4 hours per day with a full battery at 230 VAC or 24 VDC.