29. November 2018

Powertrailer EN 800 PT – one year continuously power supply

At a level crossing of the Deutsche Bahn in Schleswig-Holstein our powertrailer supplies reliable power to a level crossing signal system since one year now … read more »
1. October 2018


The fuel cell activities will be concentrated at the new location in Neubrandenburg. To this end, Sunfire acquired new enerday GmbH, a specialist in small battery cells for houses and off-grid power supply, from its previous shareholder ElringKlinger AG. The terms of the sale will not be made public but from October 1, Sunfire will acquire all shares of the company and keep on all 16 employees. … read more »
27. June 2018

Mount Everest – end of project

with a height-record of a running fuel cell system in the northern base-camp of the mount everest the much-traveled Powerbox arrived in Neubrandenburg … read more »

Autonomous power supply – reliable, economic, ecological

In times of ever-scarcer raw materials, spiralling commodity prices and increased environmental awareness, alternative solutions for supplying power at outputs ranging from a few watts to many megawatts are crucial. There is a growing need for reliable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly energy generators.

new enerday GmbH is developing electricity generators based on fuel cells. They use high-temperature fuel cells (SOFC – solid oxide fuel cell). This type of fuel cell can be used to generate electrical energy directly from fossil fuels such as natural gas, LPG or diesel, as well as renewables such as bioethanol or biogas.

The potential applications extend from basic electricity supply in developing countries to premium electricity supply for luxury yachts and holiday homes.

14 years of experience in fuel cell research and development

With its origins in the former fuel cell development department of Webasto AG in Neubrandenburg, new enerday GmbH was founded in 2010 as an independent company to continue the development of innovative SOFC-based fuel cell systems with a special focus on highly compact systems with ratings of up to 1000 watts. A highly-skilled and committed team of experts, engineers and technicians with experience in the industry stand for focussed technology and product development.

Fuel cells:
an investment in the future

At present, the generators used around the world are almost solely based on petrol or diesel engines, despite their poor performance in terms of efficiency, noise, vibration and exhaust gas emissions. They are only used by customers because there is no alternative. However the increase in environmental awareness and the scarcity of reserves of natural resources require new and future-proof solutions. ‘Energy for the future’ is the claim underlying new enerday GmbH’s development of fuel cell systems for remote and stand-alone power systems. Bioethanol and biogas are also preferred energy suppliers. This means the systems are key components in renewable and CO2-neutral energy supply systems.

Our claim is
our motivation

A fuel cell will only win over customers if it offers them a greater benefit than comparable technologies or if it enables applications that are unthinkable with conventional technologies. The SOFC has this potential. Despite this demanding and innovative core technology, the systems must be robust, reliable and suitable for everyday use. Cost efficiency and customer benefits are the key success criteria for our products and our business. This is why we are always on the lookout for the simplest and most robust system approach, as reliability is crucial to customer satisfaction for every product. This is our claim and our motivation.

Innovative partners

High-quality technology development requires strong scientific and industrial partnerships. new enerday GmbH can build on many years of reliable and trustworthy research and development partnerships.


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